Spurr’s Big Fix

Your Spray-On Solution to Treat Wounds, Skin and Hoof Problems in Equines

Spurr's Big Fix
Spurr's Big Fix

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AlabamaHorseTalk.com Spurrs Big Fix TruckSpurr’s Big Fix ~

Introducing Spurr’s Big Fix, your one bottle solution to treat, condition and heal a wide variety of equine ailments. This single, formidable product is, not only an affordable and effective spray-on hoof and wound treatment, it eliminates the need to purchase multiple products to treat your horse! Save money and room in your tackroom or trailer!

While Spurr’s Big Fix is an excellent hoof antiseptic and general purpose conditioner, it is also highly effective in treating wounds along with a variety of equine skin conditions, including fungus and Rain Rot.

Spurr’s Big Fix has been tested and proven effective by leading horsemen and women, veterinarians and farriers! It is non-staining and gives off a pleasant aroma. The non-clogging formula is easily sprayed on the animal then is quickly absorbed.

Gone are the days of thick, greasy, smelly and messy dressings, that get all over your hands and clothes, yet miss the deep recesses on your horse where they’re needed most!

100% American Made!

An All Natural Product!

Spurr’s Big Fix has been proven effective on the following conditions:

  • Effective in treating & clearing up rain rot
  • Effective on fungus
  • Effective as an antiseptic for treating wounds, cuts and scrapes
  • Soothing conditioner for skin irritations due to bug bites or allergiesl
  • Effective in fighting Thrush and White Line Disease
  • Effective on Abscesses
  • Effective as a hoof dressing and conditioner
  • Helps Brittle Wall, Nail Holes, Cracks & Chips
  • Aids in regrowth of hair, mane and tail


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