The Art of Angela

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The Art of Angela
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Full Description The Art of Angela


The Art of Angela features original art by artist Angela.

Angela is a teenager who lives on a farm with her family, three horses, three cats, one dog, two guinea pigs, and a hermit crab. Angela became interested in art when she was about four years old. She started out by making her own creations and paper picture books. When she got older, she became more detailed in drawing. Soon her art became better and more inspirational. When people ask her how she draws so good, she says, “I don’t know; my grandmother was an artist, so maybe she passed her talent to me.” Angela never thought she could draw that well, but when people showed interest in her work, she realized how good she was able to draw.

Angela also rides horses, writes, and sings. She is a very talented girl. Her goal in life is to become a famous artist/writer. She is already starting to reach her goals by publishing her work on her mother’s website (Alabama Horse Talk) as well as her own. Her horse, Cookie, inspired her to compete in shows and to ride and served as the inspiration for her Horse Tales series of equine stories. Angela is a fast learner, a lover of life and people, and an excellent artist. Watch her as she blooms and grows!

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